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Help with Creating an Account

Step One:

  • Select the button that says "Create an Account."

Step One_Press Create an account.png

Step Two:

  • Enter in your LAST NAME.

  • Enter in your prescription number.

    • This can be found on the sticker on your prescriptions.​

  • Enter your Zip Code​

  • Enter your Birthday

  • Select the reCAPTCHA box

  • Select Continue

Step Two_Customer Information.png

Step Three:

  • Scroll ALL THE WAY down on the Terms and Conditions page

  • Check the box to agree to the Terms of Use of RxLocal

  • Select Continue

Step Three_The Legal Stuff.png

Step Four:

  • Create your username

  • Create your password

  • Retype your password

  • Enter your email address

  • Enter your CELL PHONE number

  • Select Continue

    • Ensure you are following the Username and Password requirements in order to continue.​

Step Four_Create an account login.png

Step Five:

  • Create your security questions.

    • These are unique to you and you must choose questions you can remember!

  • When you are done creating your security questions, select Confirm

Step Five_Security Questions.png

Step Six:

  • You will be returned to the log in page

  • Enter your username and your password and select Sign In

You have created an account and logged in with it!

Step Six_Sign in.png
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