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Help with Requesting a Refill

Step One:

  • Select all the medications you need a to refill.

    • Ensure the refill is available.​

    • If not, it will give you the next available date or reason

Step One_selecting Medication.png

Step Two:

  • After you have selected the medications, select the "Request Refills" button.

Step Two_After Selection of medications.

Step Three:

  • This page is simply for you to begin confirming your refill.

  • Select continue

Step Three_Confirm selection page.png

Step Four:

  • Select the date you would like to pick up your prescription.

  • If you need to let the pharmacist know anything, go ahead and type in the indicated box.

  • Select continue

Step Four_Select date.png

Step Five:

  • This is your refill confirmation. Included is your confirmation number for you refill.

  • Select close

You have successfully requested a prescription refill. 

Step Five_Confirmation Page.png
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